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Why choose Resume RedZone to write your resume?

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Resume RedZone is a trusted nationwide provider of professionally written resumes. Our experience spans decades and we’ve helped thousands of satisfied customers with new and improved resumes. We are recognized as one of the largest professional resume writing companies in the industry. What separates us from the competition is our ability deliver 5-Star Certified Resume Packages.
We follow a strict process to create resume documents in a TIMELY and AFFORDABLE manner — providing our clients with a resume package that gets them IMMEDIATE results.

Resume RedZone employs a proprietary 5-Star Certified Resume Checklist that can only be created as a result of completing 1000′s of resumes over the years. Our resume writers must follow our strict guidelines when creating certified resumes – the resume certification process applies the best practices we’ve developed over the years – across all industries.
Our certification process gets utilized for each resume that we handcraft uniquely for each client – no mass-market generic resumes based on

templates and generated by computers, which all look and sound exactly the same as others in your industry.
Resume RedZone resume’s are unique and differentiate our clients from their competition – our certified resumes do just that – all of our resumes are handcrafted and must comply with Resume RedZone’s 5-Star Certification Process, which includes the following:[unordered_list style="tick"]

  • All documents created are handcrafted uniquely for each client
  • All documents are completed with 24 hours and back to the client for their review
  • Each resume document contains an industry appropriate format and value-add keywords
  • Prior to our QA review, each resume is checked against our rigorous writing guidelines
  • Each resume is checked by another resume writer and double checked by our QA team


All of our writers have created 1000′s of resumes over their career — some of our writers have 20+ years of resume writing experience and each of our resumes is handcrafted uniquely for each client — not a computer-generated template. Each resume is handcrafted to align the client’s unique experience, skills, and ability to be in alignment with their FUTURE career goals.

Call Now: 1-888-716-3671

We make the resume writing process as easy as possible for our clients. Since we are creating handcrafted resumes uniquely for each client, we believe it is critical for our writers to communicate directly with our resume customers so we can effectively create a resume that differentiates them from others in their industry and positively separates them from their competition.

Resume RedZone writers are trained and have experience to know how to create effective resumes to get our clients interviews; we know what employers, recruiters and HR professionals are looking for when quickly scanning resumes and the details required when they take time to read the final resumes.

Our writers are deeply experienced and trained to create documents that sell you to employers – to get you past the HR screeners and get your resume to hiring managers and eventually to get you actual interviews.

Our service provides experienced resume writers and certified resumes to keep your resume documents (resume, cover letter, thank you note) moving successfully through an organization from resume submission all the way through to hiring.

When you get a 5-Star Certified Resume from Resume RedZone your final documents will:
[unordered_list style="tick"]

  • Have a balanced format and structure to make a great visual first impression
  • Be handcrafted and unique (no computer templates) for each client, industry, and career level
  • Have specific keywords relevant to your industry to flag your resume when scanned
  • Get your resume to the top of the pile by creating a unique, effective and handcrafted resume
  • Be checked by two resume writers and double checked by our QA, for an error-free resume


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We write hundreds of resumes each month and thousands each year for clients in all career fields. We are expert resumes writers who not only write, but we have an extensive background in HR and employee hiring.

See what our customers are saying. Testimonials.

We create winning resumes and are we dedicated to help you find work in your career. Our goal is to provide a service that is based on quality, fast-service, trust, and customer service. There are no sales or special offers. We are just committed to providing resume solutions that are timely and affordable for you.

Few resume writers are as experienced as we are – we don’t do this part-time at night after a long workday oroccasionally on the weekend. We complete hundreds of resumes each month for our customers. We are full-time and full-service professional resume writers. We are NOT inexperienced/part-time writers. Take a look at our Samples in the menu bar above.

Just a note: inexperienced resume writers and most career professionals discount the importance of the resume format and structure – the first visual impression is KEY – your document needs to look good and be balanced – this increases the time the hiring manager will spend on your resume. Therefore, a consistent, well formatted document with a balanced structure is a key component to get you an interview – it is almost ALWAYS overlooked by other resume writers.


Finally, since we are a full service resume provider for you, we have all client resumes completed within 24 hours and we do it for less!

Call Now: 1-888-716-3671



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